Pillars for Success: Elevate Your Business and Marketing Workshop Series


October was National Women in Business month. We love to extend our upcoming workshop series to women entrepreneurs who wish to work on starting or revitalizing their businesses.

Get ready for heaps of fun and ideas to energize your business, so you can lead with enthusiasm and thrive when you get there!


Series 1:  Kick off December 1, 2017 (RSVP by Nov 10, 2017)

Series 2:  Kick off February 1, 2018 (RSVP by Jan 10, 2018)


·        A 2-month business and marketing coaching series

·        Work in small group with 2 to 4 like-minded women business owners

·        Access high-caliber coaching from a seasoned expert

·       Do good because 1% of our sales proceed will be donated to Napa Valley Community Foundation to help Napa fire victims in rebuilding their homes and dreams!

Investment:  $500/person for a 2-person group; $375/person for a 4-person group

Contact jenny@jennyhuangmarketing for more details. RSVP soon because seating is limited!

Top 5 Social Media and Video Marketing Tidbits



There were many wonderful content that we have curated in social media that we cannot wait to share out with you.  Some are short reads and some are long, and well worth investing time to catch up. So pick you favorite and dive in!


  1. In general, consumers like brands who are helpful, honest, and friendly, beyond personality and being humorous.
  2. Wondering about how to increase Facebook audience, read more here.
  3. Average length of a successful video on Facebook varied from 24 seconds to 90 seconds.
  4. The 13 Best Photo & Video Editing  Apps for Mobile
  5. Bonus: Snapchat Use Among Influencers Is Down 33%

 Sources:  Sprout Social 2017, Hubspot 2017, Social Media Examiner 2015 

How to Get Early Adopters for Your Product

Hey, everyone! So thrilled about finishing up our new, YouTube video focusing on How to Get Early Adopters for Your Product. 

If you are a start-up company, you would be most interested in listening to this quick talk in less than 2 minutes. 

If you are an existing company, you may want to study how 3M crossed the chasm to find new markets, expanding their Post-it Notes usage in other target audience segments. 3M today is a $3.47 Billion company, so they must have done something right to get here.

Let us know what you would like to hear more!

Heart-to-Heart: Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Have you ever hosted a TV show before? Watch our airing here!

My first-time, TV host experience had been exhilarating! It’s great to work with a supportive TV crew, whose knowledge and skills are shown in this production. Of course, I could not have done it without my special guest: Jesse Cool, Owner of Flea St. Cafe based in Menlo Park, CA. 

Jesse could not have been more gracious. I met with her for an hour before the show so Jesse understands what I was trying to accomplish. I was fascinated by her war stories in the kitchen, about organic food, her challenges as a women, a business owner, and a mother. All of which impressed me so much that I could not get everything into the show.

I am glad that it turned out the way it did, although I was very nervous. I’ve learned being conversational and showing genuine interest in your guest helped me acted natural. Instead of making me shine, I made my guest shine. That felt great and the interview went well. I will do this again with a heart beat!

Thrilled About Our YouTube Videos!!

It’s fun creating videos of your company and talk about what you do. Then sprinkle it across different social media channels.

We’ve recently created 2 short clips on what we do and have refreshed our YouTube channel with these new content.

We are seeing good viewing traffic, and have plans to release more short video clips in the future. 

Our aim to make them educational. as well as injecting some fun into future ones. So stay tuned for more videos that we will produce using simply a smartphone, a great script, and good lighting :).

Growing Your Business Online

I attended a Google webinar focusing on “Growing Your Business Online” as part of the celebration for the National Small Business Week. There were two salient points which I captured and wanted to share out because I believe these are simple takeaways, yet they are powerful and applicable to every business wanting to connect with on-the-go consumers today. 

Salient point #1:  Show up in the moment when people are searching for your product category

Notable stats: 

  • Mobile devices are now being increasingly used  as shopping tools. 82% of smartphone users say they actually consult their phones when they are in a  store in considering making a purchase. 
  • It’s for purchases of all sizes.  In fact many people are doing online research about local businesses, and studies show that is about 80% of consumers and 76% of searchers are looking for something nearby.

Salient point #2: Being useful when the people show up and then helping them find what they are looking for.

Notable stats: 

  • Research shows that consumers are gravitating toward brands with stackable,  short or bite-size educational content. Not  brands just giving a hard sell in the products and services.
  • 73% of consumers say that regularly getting information from an advertiser is the most important attribute when they are selecting a brand.

But being useful can actually supersede brand loyalty. 51% of smartphone users have purchased  from a company or brand other than the one they intended just because there is information useful from a different brand.

You can read up more on the slide deck of Growing Your Business Online here

Let us know how we can help you with some of your online marketing efforts. 

Source:  Google “Grow Your Business Online” Webinar, National Small Business Week, April 2017.

Inspirations from Berkeley-Haas Alumni Conference


Wow! Have you ever been to a conference that made you feel inspired? The Berkeley-Haas Alumni Conference on April 27 did just that!

It was great to be back on the Berkeley campus, being in awe with the student life, meandering through the streets finding parking, catching glimpses of Lyft drivers taking passengers around town, and absorbing knowledge and insights from great minds.

Today’s blog content drew from inspirations cultivated by speakers and presenters at the Berkeley-Haas Alumni conference, offering a blended perspectives from our Dean Lyon, award-winning professors, and real-life entrepreneurs.

I am going to cherry pick and share with you 1-2 compelling articulation from each speaker/presenter.

Platform, the Sharing Economy and Business Model Innovation:

Today, every company is a software company, because of our desire to utilize technology and data analytics to help us make decisions about how to maximize output of an organization, to improve production efficiency that has direct impact on the company’s growth and its revenues.

Venture Capital Perspectives:

In addition to VCs interviewing you, you should interview VCs whom you are seeking funding from so that you understand their expectations, and they understand your circumstances.

You should always be honest with your investors on where you stand, and see your investors as your eyes and ears because they have a vested interest in your company.

HaasX Ideas Worth Sharing:

Art of Pivoting. It’s not about what you do when you fall down. It’s about what you do when you get back up. Sometimes you do have to give up in your start-up company. If you do, don’t see that as a failure, but take time to find yourself again, and look into yourself to find another passion that will help move you forward.

Idea Generation: You need to expose to new ideas in order to foster new ideas and make your ideas better.

The Accidental Entrepreneur:  Heroic entrepreneurship is not about being the next Google, the next Bill Gate or Steve Jobs, it’s about being yourself and serving the community by doing things that make a difference.

Disruptive Personal Branding: Embrace yourself; value diversity; create values for others; grow and cultivate relationships, emphasize on depth vs. breadth; post not just professional achievements, also include flaws, challenges, triumphs, and successes.

Embrace Awkward Conversations. You cannot go through life and be true to yourself if you keep avoiding awkward conversations when you ought to be upfront and honest. Having awkward conversations give you lenses to see the truth about a situation when you are stuck, and could help you realize how to make it better.

I hope you will find the curated content shared out inspiring, and get you up to inspire others in your work and personal lives. I went away from the Berkeley-Haas campus feeling fulfilled, as I have adopted a set of tools that enables me to be honest with my work and personal achievements, and follow some of these guide posts to be a better version of myself.

Source:  Berkeley-Haas Alumni Conference April 2017

Speaking Event: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Venture

Friday, March 31, 12 noon – 1 pm, Lunch & Learn, at WeWork Valley Towers in San Jose, CA

 We are excited to join forces with WeWork, a co-working space leader, in San Jose, to offer current entrepreneurs a “Lunch and Learn” on “5 things they need to know before starting their venture!”

Cropped shot of three businesswoman strategizing at the blackboardhttp://

In addition to our talk, we’ve also invited a special guest, Nancy McKereghan, CEO of Tangerine+, whom will share her early and current challenges as a 4 year old start-up company. Tangerine+ is a socially-responsible company whose product enables clients to showcase their commitments in utilization of alternative energy that keeps the mother Earth free from carbon footprints.

Register for your free seat here. This event will sell out! Limited to 30 people!

See you there!

Is Influencer Marketing for You in 2017?

I have always been a fan of Influencer Marketing (earned media). I believe that if it’s done right, Influencer Marketing is an effective way for companies (young and progressive) to keep their products known among their target customers and drive brand affinity over time.

Public Relations is one of the channels that I know where most influencing happens, because it’s 3rd party and has the least un-biased opinion toward your brands. But as I dig deeper and read more into what other successful companies are doing in Influencer Marketing, I’ve found that the landscape has changed. Social media channels (Instagram, snapchat) and blogs, with focused campaign efforts and measurable mechanism in place, could be a great influencer marketing tool to help your brands generate positive ROI.

This article from SocialTimes shared some very interesting nuggets that I would recommend a read if your target market or niche makes their purchase decisions based on authentic recommendations from people whom they know or follow.

If you are setting up your marketing strategy for 2017, and want to focus on something new in your marketing, in addition to what works for you, Influencer Marketing could be one of the areas that you could try out this year or get some help in. As long as you have a focused plan and favorable ROI, you can make some positive impact to your marketing efforts.

I will continue to follow trends and ROI in Influencer Marketing, and may look into developing relationships with a few influencers that I know, and see where that takes me. I’d be happy to report out on notable discoveries.

I’d also love to hear from you! Let me know if you had done some influencer marketing that this community should know. We would be thrilled to learn from you!

Source: K. Morrison, SocialTimes (Adweek), Dec 2016

Case Study: Arvest Wines

About Arvest Wines

Arvest Wines is a wine with purpose that gives back to local artists and the community through charitable causes.

The Results:

Arvest Wines has successfully started their business and registered locally, with 3 partners dedicating time to bring their business to life. They’ve invested wisely in product, marketing tools, and packaging to ensure they operate lean from the start, focusing on priorities and marketing activities that could yield positive results for their launch and customer acquisition in the near future.

Arvest Wines’ Challenges:

Arvest Wines is a young start-up in the Silicon Valley, led by a team of 3 partners. The company wants to launch a wine product that’s unique from other wine products that consumers can easily purchase from off the shelf. The want their wine products to help small vineyards in California capitalize on their excess supplies, and encourage consumption among end users who appreciate both art and giving back to the community through charitable means.

Arvest Wines was looking for assistance in building an initial business model with product, target markets, and distribution channels that would work to generate proof points and good ROI.


We assisted Arvest Wines in developing their initial business canvas, coupled with guidance in defining their market niche, product differentiation, positioning, distribution and marketing channels to set up their launch in early 2017. Arvest Wines now has a framework from which they can apply for go to market, generating excitement and awareness building among influencers.