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Featured Success Stories:

Cuberg: Innovative Battery Technologies


Client was looking for guidance in polishing their initial pitch on their environmental-friendly battery product to attract funding from investors. Worked with client extensively in developing their story, highlighting team strengths, product differentiation and positioning, and identifying early adopter markets. Client secured nearly US$1Mil of funding from a private investor and has identified a specific niche to adopt their product.


Droisys: An Emerging Technology Expert


Client was seeking help in defining what they do and making their services less confusing for customers. They also consulted with us about their brand identity and making their website relevant and attractive for customers and employees. With our assistance, they found their new positioning, revamped their service portfolio, and created a new website that speaks what they do. They are thriving now in revenues as well as in employee growth.

LeBread Xpress: On-Demand, Oven-Baked Baguettes


Client came to us to get guidance on devising strategies for different business models to introduce his on-demand, French baguette micro-bakeries in the Bay Area. We connected client with local Department of Environmental Health (DEH) to understand compliance requirements, introduced him to key people in the various cities and government agencies to assist with location search and understand different city requirements for his product, and finally, connected him with a banker to secure a business line of credit for his working capital. Client has 2 kiosk locations in San Francisco and a growing customer base. He is looking forward to opening more locations in the Bay Area in the coming months.

Petits Confettis: French Immersion Pre-School


Client came to us when she wanted to start a French immersion preschool. We assisted client in ensuring she has the right set up to meet a pre-school program, including evaluating competition, determining correct business model to start with, developing appropriate pre-school programs, and putting together a pilot launch plan. Client is thriving now and hiring more employees.

Dancing Chefs:  Not Your Ordinary Potstickers


Client came to us when they want to launch a food-based business. We assisted client in developing a comprehensive business and marketing plan, determining her business model, finding a manufacturer, exploring profit margin to figure out her pricing, and putting together a go-to-market strategy to distribute her product at premium retail locations in the Bay Area. Client is now growing with multiple client orders shortly after her launch.

ROK Bistro:  Stone-Age Fondue and Steakhouse


Client came to us when he needed help in marketing his business during a challenging time. We worked with client to help get his business differentiated, among many restaurants located in the same area. We assisted client on positioning development, creating sound-bites to incorporate into his website content, and guiding him on effective advertising so he can focus on where to invest his marketing dollars.